Flux is a service that reimagines media experiences and positions itself to meet the needs of today's consumers. Flux explores opportunities to realign the media industry to support consumers and create a future for content creators, advertisers, cable companies, and all other major media players.


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The process


After completing extensive research surrounding the state of the media industry, our small team of designers began to explore how we might use the insights we gathered to meet the consumer's unmet needs. We defined the core concept and requirements for Flux by using value proposition exercises to identify potential clients and opportunities for Flux to improve their bottom line.


Developing an experience

After defining a core value proposition, we dove deep into conceptualizing how we would create a unified experience from the main features we identified. We followed three 'mantras' as we moved forward: prototype from the beginning; more people, more ideas; and keep it simple. 


Prototype from the beginning. 

Very early on in the process we had questions about what kinds of interaction methods people preferred, particularly around searching and choosing new content. We created several digital prototypes to test what kind of interaction method worked the best for our project. 

More people, more ideas.

While our project team was small, we utilized the great team of designers at Moment to help generate ideas surrounding specific prompts. 


Creating a unified user experience.

After many hours and lots of sketching sessions, we were able to create a final feature flow and wireframe for the product. Our focus was on creating a gesture-based interface that was simple to use, easy to understand, but powerful enough to meet the user needs we identified. 



Developing a visual language

After defining how we wanted our product to work, we set out on the extensive journey to figure how we wanted it to look. 

Some early mock up screens we created to discover the ideal look and feel for the service.


After exploring in many different directions, we took a step back and blocked out the visual building blocks of the interface. After lots of tweaking, we were finally able to settle on the final visual design. We wanted to build something flexible enough to work with content images, while also remaining clean and easy to comprehend.


Presenting our work

While Flux is a concept, we really wanted to portray it in a way that would help people really understand its value. We created five vignette moments that feature the core value of the service. We created pixel perfect screens, animated them in After Effects, and placed them in contextual situations to show off how they would easily integrate into a person's life. We also built the Flux site as a way to present the final design. 


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