Fidgital Flash

The Fidigital Flash is a USB flash drive designed for people who just find their flash dives way too boring. Most flash drives are designed to be convenient and easy to attach to our computers and access our files. The fact of the matter is, though, that this pragmatic functional use of the flash drive only accounts for a very small portion of the time you have the object.  My goal was to design a flash drive that would focus on the possibilities the object has outside of it functional use. What I came to is a fun, stretchy object you can play and fidget with. Whether you're in a boring meeting, watching some Netflix on your laptop, or simply walking around, the Fidigital Flash is a fun easy way to play with your digital life. 


Sketching and Form Iteration

To develop the form and design, I used three separate methods to develop the form and the play style. I created simple sketch models to test the play style, hand sketching to explore many different form possibilities, and form iterations inside of Rhino to narrow down final form and proportions.


Mold Making and Casting

Since I knew I wanted to cast a precise form, I fell to 3D printing to create the final form. I optimized the final form to help make the casting process as streamlined as possible. Instead of printing a rigid positive of the form and then making a mold from the piece, I simply designed my mold within Rhino and used a Makerbot 3D printer to make it real. From there, I sanded and prepared the mold for casting.


Casting Process